Knowledge is one of the greatest defenses against heart disease. As a preventable illness, the more a woman knows about her risks of heart disease, the less her chances of becoming a sudden statistic.

One way 2 BigHearts works to educate women is by communicating the shockingly tragic story of Gigi and Sally. Perhaps most shocking of all is that, had they had their hearts screened, both of their deaths could have been avoided. We use Gigi and Sally’s story as a platform to make women understand that heart disease is an alarming crisis and to fight it with all we’ve got, women have to start getting a comprehensive heart screening annually.

Did you know?

  • Heart disease is the #1 killer of women each year
  • More women die of heart disease than do men
  • Heart disease is 10 times more deadly than breast cancer
  • 64% of women who die suddenly from heart disease had no previous symptoms, just as Gigi and Sally did

These are eye-opening statistics and yet, only 20% of women recognize heart disease as a major health issue. 2 BigHearts is hard at work to change that.

To ensure proper cardiac testing, tell your doctor you want these tests: MY CARDIAC TESTING CHECK LIST


As As the #1 killer of women, you think heart disease would be the #1 discussion at the doctor’s office. It’s not. And it’s one of the biggest reasons women don’t believe heart disease is a major health issue. For 2 BigHearts to achieve our mission, we’re working to wake-up the healthcare community, as well.

Part of our goal is enlightening healthcare providers to better communicating a woman’s risk for heart disease. We’re working to change their mindset by presenting our own compelling data from our free heart-screening program. Our hope is that the startling results we’ve obtained will move the healthcare industry to offer our rigorous heart screenings to all women, at every annual check-up.

2 BigHearts is the only foundation of its size to work to raise awareness among women and the healthcare community about women’s heart disease.

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