Following the passing of Gigi and Sally, a tastefully wrapped box was found on the seat of Sally’s car. It was a gift — destined for some lucky recipient. We do not know for whom this gift was intended. Yet there it lay, ready to be presented. Its contents are unknown, but knowing Gigi and Sally, it was created to make someone very happy. That is, essentially, who Gigi and Sally were; spirited, giving, always remembering a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just taking the extra step to make someone feel special.

This gift is symbolic of their unbridled love and caring for their family and friends. The gift itself is a mystery; that fact that it came from Gigi and Sally is not. So for once and for all, we all say "Thank You God" for these two big hearts: Sally and Gigi.

by Gigi and Sally

A birthday, a housewarming, or just "We’re thinking about you."
It really doesn’t matter.
Who knows whose gift is inside this box?
So beautifully wrapped with a bee on top.
It was destined for their Mom, Mary,
Their new home, Jim, some lucky friend,
Or a relative maybe, even, well, it’s unknown.
The point is, they always remembered.
It may not have seemed important to many,
But to them every occasion was.
A friendly call, a funny card or an even a full-blown bash.
These girls knew how to crash.
They were always the last to leave an affair
They never wanted it to end…
Whether it was Sally Jo or Donna Ho
With them, it was always a hoot.
Funny, as they partied through life together,
That the ultimate gift at the end was just that…
Their gift to all who knew them, to all that loved them…
the gift of their lives.
Life is…
the ultimate gift.